Yamabushi Collage and Post-Modern Expression

Here at Yamabushi secret headquarters surrounded by hidden ninjas we have been hard at work. We have been trying to get the website up to form, there is still a long way to go. We are not the easiest organization to get a hold of due to the founder’s lack of computerized zeal.

This is changing, we are an old style becoming new again. We as an organization are getting back to our roots, which means shirts on lot. The for profit festival scene has always been a great way to disseminate gear, people from all over gathered together for the love of music all in one place. Back in the day it got the vibes out, all those shakedown streets.

So fast forward seventeen years and the gear is back. Smuggled in book-bags across security boarders to the awaiting masses. The artist needs help to get his vision out, that is where the support teams are essential. The love of the art moves mountains, people who come face to face become fans at first sight. It speaks to something unspoken but all around us. Something you can’t quite put your finger on but you feel in your gut to be true. This is communicated instantaneously. You know it when you feel it. It either has soul or not.

That is what Yamabushi is all about, the content, the soul. That is the vehicle for change, soul communication. All this goes through the mind of the spun out wookie on lot, still processing a belly full of breakfast burrito. We have the designs that turn heads, that are too complex for the mouth-breathers to decipher. We sell an elevated form of soulful style.

The designs are only on T-shirts because how else do people see it ? By people wearing the designs on shirts they have this other life, they make a statement. They confront mediocrity and corporate slogans and turn your mind inward. In fact that is their intended purpose to expose and force some level of contemplation. The moment captured, the cultural movement frozen in amber.

These friends out on tour making it happen are the soldiers in our war. They are on the front lines with the guns in their hands. We live in the ninja’s shadow cultivating culture to over throw Babylon.

The kids on tour are our shock troops out there trying to bring the light to the darkness. We make art for them and about our culture. That’s what the kids see, the heart. That is what can’t be bought. You see the other stuff out there and for the most part it is derivative. The commodification of culture is only as true as the lens through which it is viewed.