The Funk Gallery

The Funk Gallery: the importance of keeping it funky.

The Funk what can you say? If you could only listen to one form of music on the deserted island. The best music in the history of the world. The most important music in modern times. The music that taught the world how to get on and find the one. The spirit and joy mixed with soul and independence. The art about Funk is an open love letter to the Funk.

The Funk - Yamabushi Art
The music is so inspirational to the artist it has helped influence the positivity he now chooses to convey. The jubilant celebration of life in harmony. From the African roots to the American diaspora filter the Funk keeps it movin’ and real. It is social commentary in a visually arresting melodic free for all. The look and swagger of Funk is at the heart of what the art seeks to celebrate. The musicians ,the lifestyles ,the reactions musically to turbulent times. How do you keep it uplifting in negative situations? How do you smile at all the pure bullshit out there? When you hear the Funk, you feel it in your spine, something is activated.
What is Funk? Well whatever it is, it helps power the soul machines. The Funk is everything. The Funk is the unseen force that flows through everything. The power of the music is the celebration of the party, the wet cozy embrace of a lover. How do you visually quantify the impact of the Funk? How do you show what the living spirit of the Funk looks like? That amazing energy that cannot be matched. The music that gave birth to the future, the Funk. The artist attempts to showcase the aesthetic of that time period in a truly humble authentic way. The music, the artists all revered and respected to the utmost. You cannot be a bigger fan of the Funk than yamabushi, the electro boogie is in his blood.

The visual expressiveness of that cultural period is the glue. The clothing, the flavor, the black experience through the psychedelic lens, the radical new ideas, all came together to inform the style of the Funk. The psychedelic influence on the Funk is undeniable as exemplified by Sly and the Family Stone takin’ you higher at Woodstock. Who influenced who? The Funk became a melting pot for musicians to end up in. From Hendrix and Hancock to James and George the Funk was and is a multi-headed cultural hydra to be dealt with.

This gallery will continue the celebration of the Funk in all of it’s formats. For the one by the one.

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