Soul Machines Gallery

Soul Machines: the non-representational art super collage

design_soul-birdThe art work in this gallery represents an exploration of abstract themes. The art has universal appeal with shapes and color , the ingredients on display. Abstract collage is one of the newest styles underdevelopment and it represents a real departure from the average Yamabushi design. The freedom and joy of mark making along with the juxtaposition of pattern and color make these designs special. New techniques with a focus on free flow fun.

Soul Machines imaginary engines powering the birth of galaxies. Ancient astronaut computer systems represented in stylized visual form. The new universal pattern language, coded computer transmissions frozen in crystals found in space. Lost since Atlantis, these devices once powered cities and communicated hidden mysteries.

Fun and imaginative, safe for any age, these designs represent a new chapter in the art of rob yamabushi. Something for the kids, a new way of seeing that showcases color and pattern. A celebration of creation. These designs could be formatted to be giant wall sticker murals or shrunk down to be applied to infant clothing. They could be collected and turned into a large format coloring book. From gift wrap to wall paper the possibilities are endless. They could be blown up and details could be utilized and painted into Mellow Mushroom’s mural on their corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

The Soul Machines gallery will be a place to see where these designs slowly accumulate. This art becomes the fabric of the Yamabushi universe. The magic material that holds it all together. A place where new ways of expressing the heart of Yamabushi can be activated. A gallery to help show the breadth of collage and composition techniques. The newest form of expression is always exciting and unpredictable and the artist looks forward to sharing all the new work in the future.

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