The Fame Collection

hip-hop-detail-slideThe Fame Game Art Show seeks to discuss various issues related to the pursuit of fame in our current cultural landscape. The process of becoming famous as well as the archetypes of fame itself. We explore the dual nature of fame and infamy, the envy , the desire, and the fear associated the subconscious reaction to experiencing fame.

The whole world is made of symbols some more transparent than others.

The messages in the symbols attempt to create a discourse in the interpretation of the myths of fame. The pursuit of fame , both intentional and subconscious that drives every one of us. That quest for ultimate recognition and adoration.

An example of our collective narcissism on steroids absurd in it’s self absorption. The “Game” refers to various sub cultures pursuit for the “come up” the king of the hustlers , pimp of the year , and the “capo di Tutti Capi”.

It is here where fame is the rapture that makes you bulletproof. The classic American reverence for the rags to riches story , the whole American dream myth is propped up by this. There is one place where you earn fame another where you inherit it.

The work in this show is about those who earn their fame , those that have invoked the power of the Gods , the warrior magicians. What is most important in life ? What do we seek in our heart of hearts? The commercial effort to promote a cult of personality inverted and re-purposed. New propaganda and agendas are formatted and personalized. The near fanatical fascination with fame seduced by stardom , Fame makes our super-heroes our royalty.

The very thing people want above all else and will pursue with all abandon for. Then there is the duality of the nature of fame itself that is examined by the work. The infamy aspects or evil side of fame , the respected and feared side. The fame that intimidates and intoxicates with the twin aphrodisiacs of money and power.

In conclusion art about fame as alchemy glitter and luck .