Politricks Gallery

Throughout history the unseen hand has moved pawns across the board. Pragmatically backing both sides, to always have a winner. By using sophisticated means of mass brainwashing they have gotten to us, they have weaken and deceived us. They have told us, who to hate and fear as it suits their global agenda.

The Politricks gallery is a forum to deal with the dirty inconvenient truths. Art about the struggle to over-stand and cope with these demonically controlled forces. As America slips further into trouble, you have to learn from the past. From the Kennedy assassinations to the death of so many black radicals. The eighties Iran-Contra connects to Reagan’s war on drugs and poor people. The behind the scenes deals with enemies that would later sow seeds of future doom. You have to give the devil his due, and this gallery becomes the Pandora’s box to contain all the evil. The secret history that lies in the murky water, just underneath the surface. The real life horror movie villains bent on global control have as many heads as a Hydra.

What is done in darkness must be brought into the light. The intent of this collection of work is to help in that process. To divide and conquer with fear and deception must be addressed systemically. To share and help instead of to hate and hoard. These are the Tywin Lannisters who land cocaine on U.S. Air bases and keep Mumia in jail. The greedy evil masters that tell us what to think and who to fear. Pay attention to the shiny objects in this hand and ignore what the other hand is doing.

The art in this section owes itself to the artist’s own punk rock origins. That old school willingness to shake your fist at the system. They are the scariest designs I create, the ones you can’t wear on an airplane. Not made to celebrate, but to warn. Feed your mind, no one can take your knowledge away, yet. The art attempts to unravel and subvert the Illuminati’s dark tapestry. To disturb their intent, to call out a warning, to avoid their traps. The half of the story that never gets told.

“Illuminati Politricks Tells Lies To Your Vision.”

Politricks Gallery Designs

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