Super Honky Gallery

Super Honky Gallery

“Well, bless his poor honky heart”;

The Honky issue is serious, we got a lot of bad apples spoilin’ the barrel. Stupid Honkies doin’ ridiculous mean and nasty things. Then you have the very white acting Dorks, just goofy ass, big head style-less, chicken shit bastards. Then you have the hot shit Honkies that are so privileged and unaware that are so full of themselves. Honkies suck, but they are still funny in their whiteness.

The Super Honky gallery is this artist’s attempt to own his own whiteness. To develop a Honky look, us white guys can acknowledge as cool but tongue in cheek funny. We Honkies have to laugh at ourselves, the rest of the world is. The Honkies have had it good by cheating for a long time. If you tell a Honky that, he gets all pissy and defensive. Honky types cannot generally laugh at themselves, it is one of their greatest faults.

The whiteness shines through the gallery. The Honky propaganda will continue. The white devils expose their hypocrisy at every turn. They cry like babies when they are treated like they treat others. Big fake ass posers, bless their hearts. Now there are some Super Honkies out there exceptional Honkies, like Rick Flair. Cool ass white people are in short supply, you have to celebrate the few good ones you can find. You also have to make fun of, and laugh to keep from crying.

A lot of these redneck pecker-wood cracker ass crackers are selfish, willfully ignorant, cultural burdens. These puffed up bible thumping, Nascar watchin’,small dick havin’,schwag beer drinkin’, confederate flag lovin’, gun fetishist, closet racist nimrods can suck a fart out of my itchy ass. So visually I am going at the spirit of white entitlement hard, that American Honky asshole that makes it it hard for the cool white dudes out there. These dagnabbit vicious scalawags need art made about them. The Dorky white guys have that mom jeans style that is funny as shit will get their turn too.

Honkiness is a way of life. Be the Honky. Laugh at them bro. Living and believing against their own best interests. The way of the Honky. The poetry in motion of a cascading mullet, unfurling in the humid summer breeze.

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