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Through the Years - Yamabushi Art
The thrift store troubadour who creates the by any means necessary collage coded in culture clues and metaphysical meanings.

The thrift store troubadour who creates the by any means necessary collage coded in culture clues and metaphysical meanings. The art by that guy with all that future past samurai psychedelics. The Art that for years has been trying to tell the stories for those that have ears to hear, that is what Yamabushi Designs has been trying to do for years.

The true artist’s life is one of sacrifice. The self-absorption perilous and bewildering at times. The commitment to truly grow and manifest must win out above all others. You become explorer in uncharted waters risking oblivion around every turn in search of fabled gold. You become an minnesinger, a myth weaver, a tale teller with a mighty ax to grind.

You must seduce with beauty and torment with horror. You must try to reach a cold-hearted lot. Eventually a subculture of fans and hangers ons develop to help spread and broadcast , to actually start a movement in art. The idea to help establish a new way of seeing and interacting with the world.

There is so much out there how does one matter ? By being genuine and staying true ? Or is it the best deal the most commercial success? When money rules the world and only the rich artists who made it count , then we get what we get. When those that were handed a leg up refuse to throw a line down so the rest of us can climb out.

Yamabushi Designs try’s to Answer the Question ‘Why make art in the first place?’

Who cares anymore you can’t eat it you can’t screw it what’s the use. Then you try to make a living making art and become everyone’s low priced whore. A step above a beggar but with your heart forever on your sleeve. Unless you make trophies for the rich. Material items that show what good taste they have.

How does one keep art for the people ? stir the emotions of the one’s that need the uplift the most. You have to keep it in the streets, on peoples backs, in their face. Force the world to deal with it , grow it bigger and bigger , snowball it til it avalanches and kills a few skiers. Bomb with love. If all their power comes from keeping us in fear of the other, then why not mongrel up. It is all in the mix. To refine and shine should be the goal as we seek our higher selves. To help enlighten the world to love and beauty and zen and oneness.

So the struggle continues, the world keeps hurtling towards uncertain futures. The time has come to try to explain the ethos. Yamabushi Designs is creating a world of art. Years of virtual solitude in a little wizard’s hovel in the mountains. Away from the pulse of the city, left to slowly contemplate the suffering of the world. The slow decay into the land of the lotus eaters the realms of the time burglars and Rip van winklesboros. The snake eating his own well marinated tail.

Wisdom came slowly, as did peace and the spiritual warrior within began beating the drum louder and louder. Remaining off line not maintaining relationships losing oneself to the art. The artist has to create, it is in their very nature, the need to get it out and give. For a thing not shared has no life you get only as much as you give. The art became it’s own language. The language had it’s own slang and nomenclature , visual codes and personal symbols. A type of spiritual shorthand developed a channeling of vibrations into visual prayers of manifestation.

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