Yamabushi Designs Captain Caveman aka. When will Rob Yamabushi Use a Computer?

This guy, still holding out ? Doing it all old school style like back in the day. Making art with the genuine old school articles, chopping them up samurai style. He doesn’t scan it in first ? No he guts originals, the genuine articles slashed and discarded carcasses pile up in unholy amounts to be unceremoniously recycled. Those O.G.s exist in real time not fettered, bound to the cloud. You can hold them, feel the raised layers in your hands. They exist in real space because rob yamabushi is a luddite, amish ass captain cave man whose crafty ass still has to feel it all in his hands, blow his smoke on each piece, all Voodoo style. How many homemade Mr. PotatoHeads does he have under his bed?

Have you been to this mad man’s house ? Those that have know exactly what I mean.

Don’t hate create or skate poor man’s options are limited living an examined life is fraught with unintended consequences. All the time spent judging other people is wasted time all that hate wastes so much energy. If you can learn to convert the hate into fuel, that is key to healthy survival. Pep talks aside, the positivity is what needs to be projected. The older one gets the more one learns the value of listening and discernment. If you can be like the fox and see the traps, and like a lion to scare away the wolves Makaveli style Tupacs not included.

So the computer thing, everybody must conform, have the newest I-phones at all cost or you are not taken seriously. Peer pressure marketing, own this or you suck, is total bullshit manipulation sheeple. If you tell a lie enough times people will start to believe it. The lie makes it around the world before the truth can get her shoes on type of thing. It is a brave new world out there. You have no choice, but to embrace it, in some form or the other.

To exist and compete. Some salty dogs still make things by hand, perhaps the last generation to posses the lost ways. When you didn’t have to have a computer to level the playing field for every johnny come lately, pretender to the throne. No everyone can play God, their Gods are so awesome in their regurgitation of previous styles. The biters rule with the revenge of the nerds. Now I am not anti-intellectual, far from it, knowledge of self is paramount, but knowledge without style or heart is lacking in real substance that matters. If you have nothing to express but your technical prowess then how are we witnessing anything other than an academic exercise. You doing your thing is only interesting if you are operating at a high level of true expertise.

Much like the T.V. Show Miami Vice, when you have the peak culture in your grasp it is apparent, likewise when you milk the cow too long your mullets begin to show. Then we have the corporate Disney propagandists taking a payday watering down our society, putting mickey mouse ears on Darth Vader. Calculating the formula to make it seem cool enough to pass the Ewok smell test. Selling the myth to as many as possible to make the most amount of profit, period.

As you can clearly see I have no ax to grind, I love being coerced to conform. Why won’t you like the Avengers Rob? Why do you complain about the very elaborate frauds like that. The American Way is the silent rip off with the veneer of respectability. As long as your yard is mowed they don’t care, Why complain about the unoriginality of a hack like Quentin Tarantino when everyone is too lazy to listen as he rapes our cinematic history for his own perverse demented glory.

Education is attacked for a reason, the victors write history. If it is Rob you are looking for here he is. He is angry and alone backed into a corner. He hates on Disney what is he thinking? They own all the intellectual property worth having. How dare you defy our new corporate god? They tell our children calculated lies to control their future desires. You have to give the devil his due, he hires capable smart people to slowly turn you into demonic corporate slaves. In God we trust on our money? What God would put any trust in money, but Satan? Satanic false prophets, pretending to be holy sowing dissension makes the devil happy. All the people thinking they are so holy, so above everyone else, miss the whole point entirely.