Yamabushi Inner Workings: Struggles and Tribulations

Yamabushi Art Struggles and TribulationsThere are times when one just wants to sever heads and bathe in blood. Times when you just feel like putting all the unbelievers under the sword. None is done from religious intolerance more so intellectual dishonesty and to punish the promoters of piss poor practices. One can only reminisce on faded glory and lost love. The frustration game goes into over time as one seeks to survive. What good is mere survival if one cannot flourish? Still you fight on hoping someone will care. Maybe somewhere down the road things will get more fulfilling, but only if you chase it. The fatigue of the long race yet to be won is not as easy to shake off the longer in the tooth you are. Victory or death the only two cups you may drink from. To make art for art’s sake, to share your wonder with the world, a life’s mission.

But who cares? Haters love to hate, middle men love to cock-block and people who want something from you will try to tell you what you want to hear. The warning now comes about the drains, the energy vampires that see the force in others and seek to co-opt it for themselves. Just to be around high functioning energy is addictive I get that, but don’t drain the well. The flourishing effect there is no greater gift to share. Why hog everything? Why selfishly gum up the flow? Why divert the river to smaller ineffectual streams? We should all try to be our higher selves no matter whose feathers get ruffled. Why live a counterfeit life for the sheer comfort of others? It is so easy to just say, stay true to yourself, but in practice it becomes increasingly hard, unless you find that true inner peace. That inner peace that only comes from you slaying all of your internal demons and stepping into your power. To keep it real you have to own your shit.