Yamabushi a Crash Course in Nirvana

Yoshimitsu’s lament or Sagat’s sad story
Doom politricks and the rule of law
we all go up and down on the devil’s see-saw.
Corny dorks with tiny dicks tell us what is their scared honky version of what’s cool
we have to listen to who has the money, because they are better than us?
Safe unruffled nerd feathers take president.
Is this the end?
Angry white is such an ugly remorseless color.
So much misdirected hate manipulated
It drives me to drink.
We have to find an answer to the manufactured misery
Artificial reality heroin
blow up the spot , put it on blast
all these drugs are gonna last
Our leaders with serpent eyes and then there is what they devour in the dark,
never let them see you eat.

Dog star domination beams broadcast secretly from Iron Mountain
take control of the Bermuda Triangle Bigfoots.
We all loose control when the wind blows too hard.
Lessons from the blind to the deaf.

Feed the ever present pain-bodies
forgo sanity for the rocky road
stay in the pocket, take the hits
nirvana more than you’d ever hoped for.
Being awareness bliss you never miss

crossing the threshold into the Nephilium never-land
Atlantis sinks and we snorkel.
Narcissist Voyeur doom cycle
the fall of Rome smelled a lot like this
we all die weeping and crying or resolute and strong.

To give hope is the purpose.
The existence of suffering has to be reconciled and dealt with.
The future has to be lived for.
The past has a lot to teach for those that have eyes to see
The blind lead the blind as the cornered animal strikes out in fear.

The Lost Cause Society
Curtis Mayfield is Church.
To convey, culture preserves culture
We need to shift.
It is finally time to adjust and forward, instead of staying hurt and bound to the past.
WE can rewrite the future if we focus and forward.
Life mission to help, and leave it better than you found it.
Stay true to the end, don’t sell out your friends
Walk your walk
There is a lot of sadness in the world, do not add to it selfishly.
Own your truth
Ostrich, buried head in the sand does not count.
The Hateful Honkies time is nearing an end, they will not exit gracefully.
They seek to divide and destroy with hate and fear
Bless they’re hearts they are afraid.
It is high time that the pendulum swung the other way.

Who will be ready for the change?
Who can leverage the new paradigm?

Jah sits on a rainbow colored throne.
Those that seek to divide, have something to hide
Don’t cut off your nose, despite your face.
Rally around the right throne.
Nirvana in the palm of your hand
but the seekers find the fullest cups.

Western Esoteric Tradition Cherokee Truths need to be sought after by all but the foolish.
We all walk in the long shadows of our Native American, Mystical Forebears.
The Hoop must be mended.