Psychedelic T-shirts Used As A Vehicle For Social Change

As an artist who wants to share his work and influence the world, perspective is important. The purpose behind your art has to drive you to make more. I have found the joy of sharing my view of the world with others. I infuse my work with hopes and dreams. The magic place behind your eyes where your core ideas dance. To put art on T-shirts has been a way for me to transmit my work. Instead of a few rich patrons,the work can be enjoyed and experienced by more. T-shirts democratize the patron artist relationship. The utilitarian use of the garment is coupled by the statement of the art. The T-shirt becomes a personal means of expression that one shares with the world.

Long ago when I dreamed up the idea to try to survive as an artist by imprinting my art on clothing, I did not know if it would work. I know I lived to make art, that without it, I do not know where I would be. I have sacraficed a lot to be where I am today. The struggle to make art that matters more effectively is never ending. The ability to reach people and uplift them by showing them something cool, never gets old. You try and you try to keep fighting the good fight. You face the onslaughts and have visions. You share little pieces of your soul with strangers. This has been the way. The art itself has gone through many mutations but has remained at it’s heart psychedelic.

masthead_Psychedelic-T-shirts-Used-For-Social-ChangeThe psychedelic T-shirt denotes many clues about the wearer. The inherent love of psychedelics is at the forefront. Whoever made this shirt is a head. The statement of intent is implied. The whole psychedelic pursuit is championed. The universal appreciation for psychedelics is visible from stylistic choices. I build my images up brick by psychedelic brick. I use native materials from that era to capture a authentic look and feel. Working in collage I can corelate power images with other power images and multiply intrinsic intensities, It is medicine work, praying visually for positive outcomes. The role of artist as teacher-healer. How can you help make it better? The psychedelic T-shirt worn brings unlikely allies together. It helps identify others sympathetic to your cause. The detail and scope of the art can denote the actual level of psychedelic experience. It is an inside joke the intiated overstand. The psychedelic experience is simultaneously universal and subjective, so to the art made about it. All cultures have their shamens and those shamens made art relating to their experiences, it is similar now. The outsider influencing the whole by journeying inward. How do you explain the unexplainable?

This particular time in the history of the Psychedelic Movement is interesting yet sort of sad and dimenished. Now that it is our turn, reality seems tough to want to go there all the way somehow. Then I think of necessity and need, to feel the turn in the road with your mind and not go off the road. We need critical thinking right now. We need to think outside of the box. We need to feel the killing strike and bend like a reed to avoid it. We need to teach our children this. The time is now for us with the eyes to see to take the reins and lead. A movement has many symbols and codes, you need to say what they need to hear.

Psychedelic codes;

The use of visual data to convey complex meanings and oral histories has always been used. When art has a dream behind it, a secret wish behind it, it means more. You feel beneath the skin the intellect of the artist. Is the artist showing off vastly superior technical skills or do they have an axe to grind that they tricked you into having to think about? There is an inherent hope to the psychedelic style that is universal. Why not start there? So you stack codes to make deeper messages, layer the meanings.

This is where rob yamabushi gets it his version of right. He makes psychedelic T-shirts that are mired in hope yet are reaching for the next phase. Your in the mind of the artist dreaming his dreams. Visual Voodoo for you too. The universal symbols the, the slang symbols, the geographic symbols, the zephyrs of eros, all are housed within a Yamabushi Designs Super Collage.