Happy New Year 2016

Yamabushi Designs the new year 2016 year of druids and drug-lords

Mimosa Merlins mix magnificent, equalizing the equilibrium. It is 2016 time to find our seat at the “Round Table”. Yamabushi Art specializes in soothsayer riddles seen through alchemist’s prisms. The froth of marrow and the power that brings dreams to life. It is time to grab the reins from the Viking Marauders, and conquer the outer realms. As the crows pick out the eyes of the fallen, we pledge our magic swords to the endless battle against evil. At Yamabushi we stay a work in process. The art will flow and shower your minds with kisses. In Amerikkka we will elect a new president. This process will be marked by the manipulation of our primal fears. The low hanging fruit for the lowest common denominator opera. The art of Yamabushi is constantly questioning culture. We have to attempt to find a way through the labyrinth now that David Bowie is gone. It is a brave new world out there and the doublespeak will get more 1984. We must help our brothers and sisters to rise to their highest potential. We must embark with supreme confidence into the howling oblivion. It is the time to marshal our strength and hold the line. Contemptible little liars must not prosper. It is the time to become the best at what we do. It is the time to get all hardcore. It is 2016 a futuristic sounding time.

The intent has to be, bottom line to get better and better. To rise up and slay the cheap looking dragon. I wish I could right all the wrongs and apologize the right way to all the people who deserve it most. I will put the right intention into this year. I will try to live with discipline and heart. It is the time to turn the corner, put things in their proper perspective. Give more love get more love.

With an abundance of caution we have to mend fences, put the lip stick on the pig and get it to smile. All our hopes are on the line, it is time to make our friends love us more and our enemies fear us. The new year is full of hopes, it will take mammoth amounts of hard work to get us to the goal line. I keep coming back to the marshal the forces vibe, we need help. Knuckle down time is coming coated in bee pollen and pomegranate juice. Interpersonal networking now that I have finally stuck my neck out. The time for hiding and sleeping is done. Now is the time to mount up and get the Big Daddy Kane posse together. It is the time to make new friends and some power moves. It is time to stay in the pocket and pick apart the defense until you have to run option like Los Mochis.

It has to be a big year. Play-makers get the rewards. If there was ever a time to go big, I need trophies and play-off rings. With bathtubs full of celebratory moonshine and unlimited hog’s legs for all the flower people.