Find your Grace

RIP Big DustRIP Big Dust[/caption]The bitter bitchiness bile to be swallowed to the hoots of the wild childs. So you can’t complain about the powers to be, just grin and bear it. How you handle adversity is the mark of a man. Sifting through so much bitterness, like the ashes of a fire. How do you soldier on an island to yourself? Compassion, so absent in today’s reactionary culture, is the key. Putting yourself in the other guy’s shoes. Walking that mile without preconceived judgment. Find your grace in handling the true nature of reality. The power not to be pulled down but propelled, to reflect and redirect.

Make your art about this internal struggle that we all face. How do we leave it truly better than we found it. Fix what our fathers could not. If we could help others so they would not have to suffer in kind. Our suffering is also our strength, our ability to feel and express and give a shit makes the ultimate difference. Turning the other cheek in your glass house is what’s its all about. Holding grudges is an ancient way that we have to break away from, to unify with all of our potential allies.

To become stronger we have to help each other with the bigger picture. We have to cultivate grace to handle the hard times but also to bank the victories for future succor. The quality of our survival matters. For it will get even more David versus Goliath in the future we will have to ban together to be effective. If we let the powers to be make it wack, on our watch it will be partly our fault , for letting ourselves be divided and conquered. It is a smaller world and there are brothers and sisters everywhere that look every way. The distractions of our prejudices are the only stumbling block.

How do we break through the veils of distraction to see the real? How do we focus our change to multiply our heroes? In America we need to take a good long look at our prison system and the war on drugs as it all relates to poverty. We need to be honest about our change and make it happen with the follow through. How can we take pride in elitist lies that cheat? How can we give our rights away to cold blooded corporations?How can we keep so many of our citizens incarcerated?How do you bring attention to the history that matters? In the realm of the false flags where magic bullets fly truth is in short supply. Why not craft an easier to swallow, lone-wolf C.I.A trained terrorist dark comedy.