Summer Super Slam Damn

Yamabushi designs a way to bury the hatchet , whatever that means like Chris Makepeace What a long strange trip it has been
watching the speed in the back mirror
we all throttle forward
on to the next big scene
grown man babysitting
watching the liquids
The Funk that holds it all together
The Funk and the Tao are the same thing
formatted differently but the same Zen runs through both
On the Oneness
being awareness bliss is being awareness bliss
If you are bit you have to bite back
If you hate I don’t have to hate back
but it is hard not to take it personal
tell me something good
the pendulum swings both ways
until you mess with the gambling gods
you take it where you can get it
on the other side of the rainbow
if you love it let it go
unbroken chain
I’ve been here the whole time with no shoes on
there is no free lunch
but when you get the universal hug, it sure feels good.
It keeps you in the loop willingly
mending the hoop should become our specialty.
The lost patrol navigating towards doom
you have to look as cool as you possibly can
as you continue to swirl down the drain.
Just slow your roll, and keep it from growing toxic
and radioactive ugly.
Be the kindness you seek
Give to get.
Find the positive leverage in every situation
hit them in their heart of hearts.
Be the silver spray paint in the paper bag they are huffing.