Reload The Revolution

Psychological Effects

Advantageous situations
hand at the throat , with the throttle down
we stopped the bleeding
time to press the advantage
truly educate the poor
and put the power in their hands
That’s what the powers to be,are worried about.
Who is going to protect the haves and the have mores?
When you create a thousand Frankensteins, someone has to clean up the mess they make.
Burn the villages at the frontiers of destiny.
You reap what you sow America, let’s be real about the true nature of the GMO seeds.
Exporting far fetched fiction wrapped in moldering patriotism, to a skeptical and weary audience.
If we would just eat the soup they are serving with a smile.
If we would just know our place, and welcome the bridle to our mouths.
If we could keep our betters with all the chips stacked in their corners forever, that would be fair.
Naturally if you have more money, you are better.
No one should be allowed a chance unless they are like us.
If you don’t love our truth, then you can forget about it.
There are traps everywhere, no one is safe anymore
The sense anything can happen at any time has never been more true
People are after you.
People don’t like you as much as you think they should.
But you will remember it how you want.
Searching for the way to be, you either are or you aren’t
Perfecting whatever it is
You do your social duty and hold up your end
even as you spiral downward engulfed in flames.
Burnt offerings in the land of woe.
An asleep at the wheel America lurches forward and yet backward.
To the tune of the jaundiced media elite
pied pipers at the gate’s of Dawn.