Fall 2016

Yamabushi designs a new way of seeing the world in the fall of 2016

What a crazy time we all find ourselves in. Popularity contests impede our collective growth. So much hate has been resown into our societal fabric. Using the tool of fear to divide is not a new tactic,but it has been aided by new technologies. We are at the cusp of a new beginning, or the final plummet downwards. The fabric of our society in America is in flux, it has been for sometime. Those with eyes to see, have noticed the changes coming for a long time. We at Yamabushi have attempted to make visual art to address the coming storm. To be in the middle of it, is to be affected by it. To take in so much information and process it, then redistribute in perfected format is the artistic and political goal. To tear the false plastic skin off the face of our fake society.

yamabushi-fall-2016It is fall, in an incredibly contentious political year, and we as a society are in a free-fall. Disney is dressed up like Boba-Fett, stabbing everyone with Wolverine’s claws. The collective cultural corpse rape that keeps occurring is completely heart-breaking. Why are the powers to be so scared of a new idea? What keeps them stuck on stupid, rehashing the golden oldies? The answer is the same fear that seeks to derail us all. The fear that keeps us from becoming what is really real.

The fear that binds us in backwards beliefs.
The fear that clouds our sense of right and wrong.
The fear that keeps us from showing mercy.
The fear that would turn our compassion into a weakness.
The fear that is used by the few to divide the many.
Who wants to salute the flags of fear?
Why do they want you to be so afraid?
I hate that I have so much anxiety and fear that I did not used to have,
like a return orbit of a heavy weighted moon an anchor around my neck
What if the only way I have lasted this long
is by mimicking the ostrich with it’s head in the sand.
One has to find a way to properly process the pain
let it feed you instead of impede you.
This is not always easy to do.
To bend like a reed and go with the flow.
The zen is in the grace that you must cultivate.
The grace is the key.
That inner divine light that shines when all else is at its darkest.
The hail Mary, last gasp, moon shot winning lottery number.
Grace must be sought at all costs.