Yamabushi Design: What happened?

IMG_0064So once upon a time there was a original underground independent clothing and design company originated by artist Rob Yamabushi. The company named Yamabushi Design had multiple web sites designed and created by Jon McNeill and Sunny Lindenthal. They helped implement ideas and transfer imagery to computers, also designing collaboratively. The company had all original content created by the artists. Yamabushi as a small independent went through ups and downs through the years. Rob Yamabushi the artist never stopped doing art work but he neglected the business end being somewhat lost as to what to do. His purpose was the art not the money. At a low point somehow the domain name slipped away and was not renewed in time. It was at this time that some unknown third party bought the domain name and somehow hijacked broken chunks of our original content and proceeded to hurt the brand. By posing and squatting on the domain with zombie chunks of our old web site. The artist Rob Yamabushi continued to make and produce original artwork and T-sh irt series. The damage that the stolen zombie site that whoever owns has done to the brand is unknown. The culprit saw all of the original traffic that the site had garnered and decided to co-opt it for whatever B.S. purposes that they wanted that had nothing to do with Yamabushi Design at all. The fact that the content is stolen is spilled milk. Yamabushi design became Yamabushi Designs but a bad taste was left. The realities of being a fine artist means struggling to survive and trying to do so gracefully. Cut throat business practices, mercenary friends as well as an inability to convert the brand to the level once imagined continued to weigh on all involved. Frustration levels mounted but research and development continued. The T-shirt printing technologies changed and providing the same levels of detail and durability became more difficult. The emphasis on the design work being specifically for T-shirts shifted and new worlds of imprintables are in the future.

So the art lives on. Another issue to be addressed is the erroneous rumor that Yamabushi was sued or stopped by G.I. Joe. This never occurred . Someone hatefully spread that rumor from coast to coast. Haters gonna hate. While along time ago the artist was aligned with a group calling itself Cobra at no time was the artist contacted by Hasbro or lawyers for G.I. Joe. Rob Yamabushi as a contemporary collage artist uses cultural symbols as visual trump cards and originated a collage style that was borrowed from stylisticly very heavily. He shared his techniques , technologies, and image gathering strategies with other artists. He never actively sought to tarnish the reputation of any of the other artists he evolved around. Choosing to collaborate with a variety of other artists. He currently continues to live and work in Asheville N.C. U.S.A

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