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Hope @2017

The soul of the times hurting we struggle on the sellouts are yelling the loudest everybody wants to win the popularity contest the real is in revolt against the weak whackness those that could change things only do it to their own benefit Leaving us in a cold...

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Fall 2016

Yamabushi designs a new way of seeing the world in the fall of 2016 What a crazy time we all find ourselves in. Popularity contests impede our collective growth. So much hate has been resown into our societal fabric. Using the tool of fear to divide is not a new...

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Reload The Revolution

Psychological Effects Advantageous situations hand at the throat , with the throttle down we stopped the bleeding time to press the advantage truly educate the poor and put the power in their hands That's what the powers to be,are worried about. Who is going to...

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Summer Super Slam Damn

Yamabushi designs a way to bury the hatchet , whatever that means like Chris Makepeace What a long strange trip it has been watching the speed in the back mirror we all throttle forward on to the next big scene grown man babysitting watching the liquids The Funk that...

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Yamabushi a Crash Course in Nirvana

Yoshimitsu's lament or Sagat's sad story Doom politricks and the rule of law we all go up and down on the devil's see-saw. Corny dorks with tiny dicks tell us what is their scared honky version of what's cool we have to listen to who has the money, because they are...

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Yamabushi Designs the Psychedelic T-shirt Part: 01

The psychedelic t-shirt as soul armor... The psychedelic t-shirt has been with us since the sixties, the format is generally similar insomuch as the goal is to display some reference visually to the psychedelic experience. The com-modification of the culture with a...

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Happy New Year 2016

Yamabushi Designs the new year 2016 year of druids and drug-lords Mimosa Merlins mix magnificent, equalizing the equilibrium. It is 2016 time to find our seat at the “Round Table”. Yamabushi Art specializes in soothsayer riddles seen through alchemist's...

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A Yamabushi Designs a love letter to the tell lies to your vision show Miami Vice. Crocket in my office”, “growing up thinking they can get away with murder and so far they have.” This t.v. show still holds up. It shaped my life real time in the awesome...

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